Other Info

Mailbox Maintenance
In an effort to maintain the covenants and a standard appearance in our neighborhood, it is important that homeowners keep the original appearance of the new mailboxes and posts-i.e.: black post, black mailbox, red standard flag, gold numbering.

In the event your mailbox is damaged and needs to be replaced, please obtain a replacement through Addresses Of Distinction. They have the proper over-sized mailbox to fit our posts with pre-drilled holes for the numbering on top. If your post is rusting, especially due to bird droppings on the finial, Addresses Of Distinction recommends removing the rust and then applying Rustoleum or Krylon semi-gloss black spray paint.

Addresses Of Distinction

Street Lights
Should you have a street light in your area that is not working properly please contact the Cherokee County Water Authority. Their number is 770-479-1813. Please be prepared to give the exact location of the light and an explanation of its malfunction.